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Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Sell is to Persuade

Many would wonder, why is it so hard to sell? Is it beacuse of the nature or the demands of the job, is my approach to sales wrong or is it because I have a 'face problem' haha well those were questions running through my mind when I approach people to strike a genuine conversation. Call me social deficion and I may agree with you years back, but I am trying to break out of my coccoon. To learn to break my inferiority complex. It is a learning curve but I am slowly but surely getting to where I want.

Being from a family whose parents thrive on sales to keep food on the table and shelter over our heads, I cannot help but wonder why can't I pick up a thing or two from my parents on how to 'sell' something? My dad always believes everyone at some point of their lives should and must learn how to sell. And knowing my father, no matter how direct and shrewd he may be, you can always learn something from him as he almost always is right. True enough, this was what I picked up from him.

In actual fact, meeting new people was something never in my comfort zone. So is running, but after making that first leap, that jump to a world of uncertainty, I never looked back since. The pass holidays, i took up a sales/marketing job for a survey company and boy did I struggle to approach and convince people to take up a survey. The first few days were tough and my morale was battered and down. However, there's always a way out of any struggle if we look beyond the trouble and search out a solution. I consulted my father the other day, and him being in sales for don't know how many umphtin years, he told me in a calm yet driven manner, son..your approach is wrong! here's a few pointers to follow..use persuasive words, words that does not make people feel forced upon to take up whatever you'r presenting. Give them the impression that a win-win sitution is what we are aiming for and not a matter of manipulation, control or coercion.

In essence the advice helped me alot. People begin to respond better when I appoached them and soon my life at work was beginning to feel easy. I do not have that refrain nature when I try to approach someone. I was let out of my leash, I gain my confidence and self-esteem was on an all time high.

Just last week, I went to Jinjang Community Clinic to clerk paients and basically strike a meaningful conversation with them to get their medical history. On hindsite, I was thankful cause what I learned in the holidays could be applied well in my daily life of a medical student. You see, it's not impossible, be adventurous, venture into the realms of the unknown and make that leap to break free, to break your boundaries!

Well, the message of the post basically underlines the importance of 'selling' . We all must understand that men have already began selling from birth. When a baby cries vehemently, the poor fella is trying to persaude you to give him milk, to clean his nappy or to attend to him. Everyone lives by selling something whether we realise it or not. So, it follows throughout our life that if people care about us, if they respect us, if they have good rapport with us, then they are more likely to respond to our persuasion. Therefore, it's vital that we tap on this wonderful art of selling and hone the skill.

In a nutshell, selling is the art of creating a desire in the mind of the buyer and satisfying that desire and interest so that the buyer and seller benefits. Therefore, it is safe to say that we can get everything that we want in life if we just help enough people to get what they want. So whether we like it or not, selling and persuading are and always will be constant realities in our work and personal lives, and to be successful, utilising these skills is absolutely paramount. Do take this to heart and have a good think about it ok.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For a higher cause

In most things I do, I almost always do it in the interest of myself. However, after running the KL half marathon and witnesing my cousin and jimmy galloping to the finish line after a gruelling 42.195km, it strucked me that maybe we should believe in doing things for a higher cause and not just for one's own interest. Running my second official half marathon without stopping and clocking a personal best timing meant nothing much to me cause I did it for myself. I enrolled for the run and went through with it for the glory of completing all 21.6km.

You see, jimmy and my cousin joined the 'run for a cause' category for the full marathon and collected a joined amount of RM1532 for Shelter Home Malaysia. It's people like Jimmy and my cousin that drives me to be a better person and to improve and grow in stature. What they did was purely from the heart and a great example to follow. They used their passion which is running to contribute to the society. Someting not everyone is capable of. People normally do things for the benefit of something, like buying a new shoe, a bag or maybe an Apple Iphone. These are mere materials that do not justify a person for whom they are.

Being in charity organisations for years and organising various charity events, I myself still could not grasp the true meaning of charity. Is it just giving with a generous heart or is there more to it than meets the eye? Ultimately, it all boils down to value and how much of a value it means to help people. Money can never be the sole replacement for personal touch and precious time spent with the needy.

With all said, I think I am inspired after last sunday's run, inspired to better myself and to start learning how to do things for a higher cause. Maybe I would follow in my cousin's footsteps to running for a higher cause. I have an aim, to complete a full marathon by next year but not for myself and all the glory that comes with it. It's for the goal of helping someone who needs it. I have my sights aimed, locked and loaded.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Redesign

Hey guys!! what do you think of my new blog design? comments pls!! anyway like how we say it, learning the hard way is always the long way.. I totally forgot to save my blog gadgets when i changed the template and hence had to redo all of them again. But after fidgetting and making some tweaks here and there, my blog is back in business, bigger and better before.

First of all, the subtle black which is classy and easy on the eye. Next, was the whole eclipse kind of concept keep it on level pegging with the blog heading. Well, it all falls in place and I like it. Hope you do too!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running Footwear!

Currently listening to: No Surprise, Daughtry

Just like tyres to cars, running shoes to runners are equally as essential. Which is why, I always advise my juniors to get themselves a decent pair of running shoes if they are really serious in making running a hobby. From New balance to Asics, Mizuno to Brookes, Saucony to Adidas just to name a few, a runner can really be spoiled for choice as all brands offer a vast variety of arch support, design and cushoning shoes to cater to every runner's needs. Ever wonder why I left out NIKE?? Simply because running with a Nike shoe will increase your risk of injury. Unless you get their Air Pegasus series which is engineered for road running. So, what's good aesthetically may not be good in it's essence.

Just last year September, I got myself a pair of New Balance 1224s. A top of the range support shoe from New Balance with emphasis on protection in terms of cushioning and stability. With the Abzorb DTS in the heel and and Absorb SBS in the forefoot for cushioning, risk of injury can be reduced. Then there is medial posting and a midfoot shank to add stability and support to the arch of my foot. Tadaa!! My running baby..haha..

However, all the cushoning and support stability shoes provide, compromises the perfomance of the shoe in short to middle distance runs ie. 15km and below. This is due to their heavier weight at about 350 grams for each shoe. Nonetheless, it is an absolute luxury to have those NB 1224s when I run long distance. I remembered the NB sales person saying, once I release the support gel and season the shoe by running on it for about 5km, the shoe is ready for any race. True to what he said, until now it still serves me well. Even after 200km plus in it, the wear is moderate and still gives me the constant support I need!

Shifting gears, I might have revealed that I am working to buy something new! haha drum roll....

Introducing the Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3 in White/Green/Citron! The Saucony Fastwitch is a versatile lightweight racer/trainer which is suitable for either tempo running or race day use. With a medial post giving some mild support for over pronators. If people tell you that sometimes in this world, you can't have everything. Finding this shoe was an exception. It is like merging the best of both worlds. It provides the support I need and also gives me performance in races due to its lighter weight weighing in at a mere 200 grams per shoe.

You can imagine the smile on my face when I placed my order today. Thanks alot Jia Wei!! you see, Saucony shoes are rather exclusive in Malaysia. We have to go through a dealer to purchase them cause there just no retail shops in Malaysia.

Going to try them out by next week. Till then KL Standard Chartered Marathon here I come!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Of Updates, Work and more updates!!

To begin with, your's truly here must issue out a public note of apology for the deadness of his blog. Well any loyal or should I say used to be loyal readers out there, SOWIE!!! well alot had happened the pass half a year. Another semester of med school had gone by in a flash. To be honest, I felt semester 2 really went, flew and before I knew it, EOS came and now I am having my holidays. WOOHOO! So if u ask me, how was med school after almost 1 year in it, I would say its kinda surreal to be honest. The studying was taxing but more importantly is the constant conscience in me that drives me and pushes me to the fact that slowly but surely I am getting closer to my dream. My dream of becoming a doctor, to heal and to inspire. But all that responsibility, that skill and knowledge a doctor should be equipped with came at a price. A hefty price to say the least. I had never studied so much and so hard in my life. HAHA I may sound like the lazy guy next door. But trust me, being lazy is the beginning of your doom in med school. I can't imagine the scrambling and sweating, panicking when exams draw near. Hence, to avoid myself being in such a situation I started revision early, much earlier than usual. I started revising 2 weeks before A Levels but in IMU, I think even 1 month wouldn't be enough for a solid performance in exam.

Hence, I started revising when there's still a one and a half month buffer before Summative 2 and EOS. And the general consensus is, it's still not enough!! Simply because I am the type that thrives on reading multiple times to drill the facts into my brain. The preparation for EOS was hell to be honest. Especially that 17 days between Summative 2 and EOS. There were days when I didn't even see the sun!! haha all I did was coop up in my room mugging my notes and repeating it the following day and so on. Take a look at the mountain I climbed, all 9 foundation systems, Patho, Immuno, Microbio, Pharmaco, Com Med and BS. A cocktail of disaster!

SAQ was tough but it got better for OBA and OSPE which explains why I got A for both OBA and OSPE but haihz did badly for SAQ. and Summatives didn't really help me much either. The petty remainders like AIR, COP and BS interview were minor, so getting A for all of them didn't carry much weightage. People who knows me well will tell you that I am hardly satisfied with anything. I mean of course I am satisfied wth life in general and am truly blessed to have a great family and awesome friends. however, I always end up feeling that I could have done better, whether it's exam results, timing for runs or even getting a high score in a video game. I guess it is a little idle friend called 'competitiveness'. I took my EOS results and felt thankful I passed however also felt I could have done better. Maybe it's the overly high expectation my parents placed on me or simply because I have an awesomely holistic cousin in IMU as my senior. I analysed what I could have done to improve and pin point mistakes I made in sem 2. True enough SAQ did most of the damage, but what I like about written exams is that it eliminates the luck factor that objective questions provide. But no 2 ways about it, we still have to know our stuff well. Hopefully EOS 3 will bring a bigger but better challenge that I will overcome! From now onwards, I must fill myself up with positivity, advocate and spread positivity. Maybe that is one of the only fuel that drives us on in times of hardship and struggle. I dedicate this to all who did not make it for EOS and are studying ever so hardly for their resit paper, good luck guys and see ya in sem 3!

On a more positive note, my holidays were fairly productive this time around. Been working for a market research company call Idealog. Trying to earn some money for something new. HAHA shall not disclose it here. And I have been running alot in preparation for 2 half marathons. I just completed the Klang Pacers Half Marathon last weekend and got injured in the process. Haihz having multiple abrasion sites at my groin, adductors, axilla(armpits) and even neck and also injuring my left knee. I still do not have the engine to withstand the long periods of exertion long distance runs thorws up. But to cross the finish line at the end is something that can never be described but only experienced. I shall blog more about it on my next post.

I guess this is enough updating for the time being. Stay tuned! The next post is coming very soon! Take care guys.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Idol Fever All Over Again?

With the battle of the 2 Davids over last season, many would find it difficult for season 8 of this reality tv show to live to that ever so high expectation. However, with last 12 yet to be decided..early favourites for the title itself were many. But, this dude called Adam Lambert really stand out with his performance. I would be really surprised if he doesn't make it to the last 12. And I guess few would disagree with me. here's the dude right here.

and reliving the memories of last season, one moment that really stand out was the last 8 performance by Jason Castro with his superb rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. simply fantastic.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dont' Drive Like That..Ladies!!

Well, if you are wondering this post to be a rant on a crazy road experience i came across with a lady driver, well you are probably right. But then again, we wouldn't want to spoil all the fun with my writing right. I got a better reason to have this post here, cause i happened to come across a video depicting..well you will find out, but it's definitely related to ladies driving and just why men feel we are so much better a driver ladies can never be. This line might soung offensive to the femine side but well maybe we give them the benefit fo the doubt, maybe they have narrower scope of vision or their parking sense don't really fit the bill. I don't know what's up with ladies when they drive but i'll tell u this, high chance if you come across a car flickering their signal left but turns right, overtakes you dangerously that if you don't brake you'll crash into them or maybe even parking their car may take extra long, high chance she it's a lady driver you are dealing with And more often than not, I am always right. So for those who had multiple and not just out of the blue experiences, then I salute you for being alert on the road. haha..to the quarters that disagree, well then it's either u'r a lady or you don't drive.

Well not all lady drivers are that bad, but you be the judge after watching this video. I dedicate the video to everyone who sings to the tune that lady's can't drive properly. haha..sit back and enjoy cause i laughed my head off watching it the 1st, 2nd 3rd and so on time.